Fairtrade and Climate Justice with Juan Pablo

Podcast Interview

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How can fairtrade help create climate justice? This podcast forms part of a series – examining how business addresses climate justice. Together we hear ways companies can put people at the heart of their climate action. We record this podcast from the climate conference – COP27, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

During this conversation, hear from Social Impact Pioneer – Juan Pablo Solís Víquez. Juan Pablo is Costa Rican born. He now lives in Germany, working for Fairtrade International as a Senior Advisor on Climate and Environment.

This is Juan Pablo’s sixth climate change COP and he says: “I keep returning because of my optimism and stubbornness – the clock is ticking.” he goes on, “We don’t have time, the climate emergency is everywhere.”

During our conversation you will hear Juan Pablo’s insights into the important role civil society and NGOs play in developing global climate policy and holding countries up to their agreed action. In addition, Juan Pablo stresses that: “Trade can lead to decarbonisation.” And he wants to help farmers and big business alike to deliver the climate action.

Juan Pablo’s day job sees him turning global climate commitments into policies, actionable standards and then tangible actions that farmers around the world can act on. Juan Pablo explains how Fairtrade minimum prices are a minimum safeguard. If businesses want to maintain their value chains, they will need to actively help producers to build climate resilience and develop climate adaptation strategies.
Juan Pablo leaves us with a great message from Christiana Figueres: “Maintain your positive stubbornness.”

*During the interview Juan Pablo talks about 8 hours…this should have been 8 years.


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