Driving poor people’s access to markets through new technology

by Zahid Torres-Rahman, Founder, Business Fights Poverty

Driving poor people’s access to markets through new technology

Today marks a big step in tapping the true power of business and new technology to lift people out of poverty. WorldofGood.com by eBay is a brand new marketplace that enables small-scale entrepreneurs from across the developing world to sell their products online.

This is an important step into the world of “Development 2.0” – where the smart, young minds of those who created and use social networking, new media and new technology, are being applied to a clear social objective. Sharing photos is fine, but what is really exciting is thinking about what we could achieve if we could harness our collective efforts to do something amazing – like fighting world poverty.

To find out more visit WorldofGood.com by eBay or connect with two of the people driving it: Ella Silverman and Lauren Stower, both members of Business Fights Poverty.

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  1. Hello Zahid,
    It’s a great initiative, no doubt, the only problem I have is with eBay itself: I bought a laptop like 4 years ago, & still waiting for it… is it fair business?
    (if somebody offers a Western Union pay to you, take care! The security code is NOT SECURED in some countries, I learned it TOO LATE, before the transaction the Western Union employee certified that the code was necessary to take the money out, but she was wrong…)
    I didn’t came back to eBay since then, but a friend of mine has also received a beautiful empty box (loaded with rubbish) instead of his dreamed camera, so I’m sorry but eBay doesn’t sound like “World of good” to me, even if we can’t blame them of tricks in P2P business… Good luck anyway, I hope this will be fair & successful.

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