Cultivating Potential: iDE UK and the Rise of the Female Farming Entrepreneur

By Lewis Temple, Chief Executive iDE UK

The Rise of the
Female Farming Entrepreneur

Since its founding iDE UK has watched its projects transform the livelihoods and income opportunities of poor rural farmers in the developing world. However it is the potential in women that iDE UK sees as the greatest game changer of rural poverty.

At iDE UK we have long recognised the important role that women play in agricultural development. Given equal access to resources and control over their outputs, women farmers are as productive as male farmers. They are also more likely than their male counterparts to use their increased income to pay for children’s food, education and health care.

Recognising the significant size of the female farming segment and the important role that women play in agricultural production and household wellbeing, iDE UK ensures that women farmers are as likely as male farmers to benefit from our rural programmes.

iDE helps poor families generate additional income by increasing access to affordable income-generating technologies and market opportunities. We follow a business-like approach, treating smallholder farmers as customers rather than as charity recipients.

To date iDE has significantly increased income and improved the livelihoods of more than 20 million people, generating £682 Million of income for our customers and their associated enterprises. Each iDE UK donor pound has returned an additional £10 in household income.

In Nepal iDE’s women’s microenterprise development program provides female household heads with income opportunities. By combining numeracy and literacy skills development with market opportunities, more women are inclined to enter business for themselves.

For our Awareness Week 2012 iDE UK is supporting female entrepreneurs by highlighting the incredible contribution women farmers make to their economies and communities. A special edition poster and photo sharing campaign features images of successful female farming entrepreneurs who have benefited from iDE projects.

We invite both businesses and individuals to pin up our poster or share a stunning set of images via social media. This simple gesture could help change the lives of many rural poor. Care to share?

To request a poster please contact in**@iD****.org" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Elizabeth Gordon

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