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“In a recent survey by YouGov more men between the ages of 18 and 24 viewed masculinity in a negative light than those who viewed it positively.” – meet Craig Wilkinson.

Bestselling South African author, award-winning social entrepreneur and Dad Coach, Craig is on a mission to amplify the importance of positive masculinity, to champion men and fathers.

This podcast isn’t some vague, highbrow observation of a societal issue. Craig shares his personal journey as a single dad and deep understanding of why certain male role models are creating devastatingly negative impacts – which at the extremes include domestic violence and rape. Whilst suggesting simple and practical ways, men, women and organisations can take action to enable positive masculinity and healthier, better functioning relationships and societies.

From young adulthood to fatherhood and mature manhood Craig works to encourage and equip men to be a powerful force for good in the world. Whilst providing sage advice for women too. Listen on to find out more.


The Six Pack of Masculine Virtues (book and course): beingman.life/p/6pack
Being Man: www.beingman.life/
Father A Nation: www.fatheranation.co.za.
‘It’s a Dad’: www.thedadbook.co.za
No Excuse for Abuse is available as a free online course: www.fatheranation.co.za/noexcuse

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