Becoming a Social Entrepreneur, with Kevin Mutiso

Podcast Interview

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How to become a social entrepreneur? Meet social impact pioneer Kevin Mutiso. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur, whose businesses repeatedly get selected as top start-ups across Africa.

During this conversation we learn from Kevin about how to develop a good idea, why really understanding what the problem is you’re trying to solve is vital and how to choose the best people to be a part of your team.

Kevin’s businesses are becoming increasingly focused on delivering not just a commercial gain but a social impact – Kevin explains why tackling a true problem and creating solutions that people really need is the winning formula. Kevin explains: “The entrepreneur has to have a positive impact in society of some kind, and it has to be that entrepreneur’s mission.”

Kevin’s businesses haven’t always been successful, he talks candidly with us about his mistakes, why some businesses struggle to scale and how to recharge and try again when things go wrong. Kevin shares with us a true masterclass in how to build a successful business and become a successful entrepreneur.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kevin’s insights into how to survive the poverty tsunami we are experiencing and how to win during the global downturn. Kevin shares the skills he thinks will help us all to be successful and how to manage our budgets during hard times.

If you want to find out more about tackling the poverty tsunami, you can sign up to access the resources from the Business Fights Poverty Global Goals Summit 2022

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