Mobile money with Ashley Onyango

Podcast Interview

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Meet social impact pioneer Ashley Onyango, who joins us to share a decade of insights into mobile money and explain how mobile technology is helping people move from being unbanked to utilising technology for payments, saving and security.

As the Head of Financial Inclusion and AgriTech (Agriculture technology) at GSMA Ashley works for the global organisation which brings together the mobile ecosystem, representing mobile operators, organisations and adjacent industries.

Prior to joining GSMA – Ashley spent over a decade living and working in East Africa championing financial inclusion, designing and managing funds for Root Capital and working with the likes of Mastercard Foundation and Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA).

During our conversation Ashley unpicks the recently released data from the GSMA on mobile money. She reveals how this relatively nascent industry processed $1 Trillian in 2021 and what has changed in the 10 years since their first Mobile Money report. Listen in to hear Ashley explore the positive impacts of mobile money and examine the challenges that remain.

Get your pens and notepads (or should I say mobile note taking app!) ready – the data is rich.

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