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During our conversation Alexa deep dives into the latest research on ride hailing, the gig economy and the transport ecosystem. Explaining that better understanding of these topics can help women access jobs, support their families and close the gender gap.

Alexa shares her insight into those using ride hailing services, the few women drivers and others working in the system:

“Women face quite substantial barriers.” Explains Alexa, “Some obvious ones around safety, but also less understood reasons such as access to finance. Not getting a loan to buy a care can really hold women back.”

Our podcast interview with Alexa reveals some exciting innovations within the ride hailing economy. From safety programmes – such as improved screening, safety and security driver training, location tracking, as well as gender segregated services.
IFC’s latest research: Gender-Segregated Transportation in Ride-Hailing explores this last topic in depth. Deepening our understanding of where and when this works well and how to better support women.
Alexa’s advice: “If you are a private business – consider how your workers are getting to work; if you are a ride hailing company, I urge you to understand your consumers and drivers better, and this means by gender.”
Join the conversation with both the IFC and Business Fights Poverty on Thursday 16th July 2020. Find out more here, Business Fights Poverty Online 2020: snipbfp.org/BFPOnline2020


Driving Toward Equality: Women, Ride-Hailing, and the Sharing Economy, IFC

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