Yvette Torres-Rahman

Podcast Interview

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What does it take to leave the security of full-time employment with a big business to setting up your own social business? This week Katie Hyson, Director of Thought Leadership interviews our very own Business Fights Poverty co-founder Yvette Torres-Rahman and explores this very topic.

Born in Ibiza, Yvette met Business Fights Poverty co-founder and life partner Zahid whilst at University in Bath, UK. After eight years with multi-national pharmaceutical, GSK, as a Brand Marketeer she and Zahid took the bold life decision to set up one of the UK’s founding B’Corps – Business Fights Poverty.

Business Fights Poverty will be celebrating its 14th year in 2019, and during our interview Yvette explains why the network was set up to help support people in business who are trying to make more positive social impact and that she is convinced that the tipping point is in reach – so long as we just ask for help.

During our interview Yvette shares her top trends: Purpose, Social enterprise, and intrapreneurism, whilst elaborating on the benefits of the B’Corp movement as she and Zahid push the boundaries of creating an impact business, balancing home-life and maintaining great relationships whilst being based in Ibiza.

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