What more can we do to place gender equity at the heart of climate action?

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Climate Justice 2022 – Day 2

Women are disproportionately impacted by climate change, and face greater barriers in accessing the opportunities that come with the green transition. What more can business, in partnership with others, do to support women? How can we ensure that climate actions are gender-smart?

In this session we learned from the latest examples of actions being taken to empower women through climate justice. We shared and tested out our latest thinking, so that we can scale the impacts of our own initiatives.

Lead Discussants:

Anastasia Mbatia, Senior Technical Manager, Agriculture, Farm Africa

Beatriz Tumoine, Global Social Impact Director, CEMEX

Franziska Deininger, Gender and Climate Consultant, IFC

Justin White, Manager, Human Rights & Gender Equality, Global Sustainability, Mars Inc

Laetitia Pettinotti, Senior Research Officer, ODI

Marcela Chacon, Senior Manager International Stakeholders Relations, Bayer