How do you create a sustainable and ethical supply chain for decarbonization? Lessons from mining

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Global Goals 2022 – Day 2

Hosted with Anglo American
The session focused on how to create sustainable and ethical supply chains for decarbonization.

It built on many of the themes covered during the Global Summit, and featured a case study of the assessment of the UNKI Platinum Mine in Zimbabwe against the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance’s Standard for Sustainable Mining.

Together, we discussed topics such as the essential role of mining in an equitable transition to a green economy; the sector’s role in boosting development, governance and access to renewables in countries at-risk of being left behind; and how we can account for ethical production across the value chain.


Natascha Viljoen, CEO, Anglo American Platinum

Jane Nelson, Director, Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

Michelle Smith, Director of Standards and Assurance, Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA)

Chris Coulter, CEO, GlobeScan (Moderator)