How do we work together to tackle multidimensional poverty?

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Global Summit 2022 – Day 1

This session explored how we can work together – across business, government and civil society to tackle multidimensional poverty. How does your organisation think about poverty in your sustainability strategies and what lessons have you learnt about measuring progress? How does your organisation take action in tackling poverty and what lessons have you learnt from success or failure about having an effective impact? What examples of partnerships are you working in to tackle poverty, and what have you learnt about the factors behind a successful / unsuccessful partnership?

Lead Discussants:

Clive Allison, Global Sustainability Director, TRANSFORM, Unilever

Ian White, Special Representative, UK & Ireland, The World Bank

Myriam Sidibé, Founder, Brands on a Mission

Pamela Molina, Manager, CSR, Agrolibano

Tijana Williams, Director, NTD Access Programmes, Global Health, GSK

Valeria Gomez Palacios, Nicaragua, Co-Founder, Global Emergency Response and Assistance, One Young World and European Commission Peace Ambassador