How can we collaborate better across climate and health to drive equity and resilience?

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Climate Justice 2022 – Day 1

Hosted with GSK

Climate change threatens people’s lives, health and wellbeing. These impacts are not being felt equally, and reflect deep-seated inequities, such as by gender and race. For instance, those communities with poorer access to health care are most impacted by extreme weather events, and are the least able to recover quickly. Meanwhile, global warming brings new health challenges and exacerbates current ones.

We had an in-depth discussion about driving better collaboration between the too-often siloed disciplines of climate change and health. We explored real-world partnerships and leave with ideas for driving the effectiveness of your own partnerships.

Lead Discussants:

Maggie Rarieya, Global Partnerships Director, Amref Health Africa

Fiona Smith-Laittan, VP Global Health, GSK

Juanita Silva, Campaign Manager, Race to Resilience, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion

Hannah Green, Corporate Affairs Director, Sustainability, GSK

Closing Remarks:

Claire Lund, Global Vice President, Sustainability, GSK

Elaine Mead, Chair, Alliance for Water Stewardship