How can businesses tackle the new wave of poverty? – Highlight video

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Global Summit 2022 – Day 1

This session explored the role business can play in tackling the new wave of poverty. What are the current poverty trends, and how businesses can use a multidimensional approach to poverty to respond? What is the role of collaborative action to tackle the deep systemic issues that drive poverty? Why should businesses take action and what lessons have we learned that could help others take action?


Anouk Heilen, Global Sustainability Director, Social Equity and Inclusion, Unilever

Jamie Coats, Co-Founder, SOPHIA Oxford

Catalina Garcia, Global Director of Corporate Affairs, AB InBev and Board Director, AB InBev Foundation

Pablo Del Valle, Citi Country Officer, Citi Colombia

Katie Hyson, Director, Thought Leadership, Business Fights Poverty (moderator)