How can business support vulnerable people and communities in the face of the poverty tsunami?

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Global Goals 2022 – Day 1

COVID, conflict and climate change are among a confluence of challenges driving a tsunami of poverty that is already crashing into the lives of vulnerable people and communities around the world. In every country, people are facing what the UN describes as a “once-in-a-generation” cost of living crisis. The war in Ukraine has added further pressure and volatility to energy and food prices.

Governments are taking action to support those who are most vulnerable in society. This session brought together leading thinkers and practitioners to deep-dive into the role that business can and should play, in partnership with governments and civil society, to support and build the resilience of those people and communities most impacted. We learned about the role our organisation can play, and shared ideas for what we can do together.


Lisa Manley, Vice President, Sustainability, Mars Inc

Japheth Muli, Head of Programmes, Hand in Hand East Africa