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Strengthening Markets through Collaboration

The recent surge of support for micro-, small- and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) since the global pandemic has provided much needed short-term relief and has helped to remind us that many different sectors share the same goal of helping MSMEs to thrive.  At the same time, the global crisis has also highlighted the deeply entrenched, complex and interconnected challenges MSMEs face. There is growing recognition that support for MSMEs could be made more impactful if all sectors work together to remove the underlying barriers that stand in the way of MSMEs re-building from the crisis. 

This Guide from Business Fights Poverty and Endeva aims to demonstrate that by combining their strengths in a systematic way, stakeholders can magnify their impact both in terms of commercial results and social impact and more effectively tackle MSME barriers to success. This approach is called Market Building Collaboration.


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