Sizakele Marutlulle

Podcast Interview

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Her personal experiences and career have seen Sizakele part of the team working on the ANC campaign as South Africa emerged from apartheid. She has led businesses big and small to deliver their brand purpose.

But our conversation today is all about FENTREPRENEURS – those female entrepreneurs who are critically three years into their business journey – which as Sizakele reveals, is a pivotal moment for any organisation.

With the world overly focused on start-ups, there is a missing middle explains Sizakele: “I am concerned the numbers of women coming to me with five-year-old business who are still being subjected to incubator and start-up culture.”

After deep research, Sizakele shares the key characteristics of a FENTREPRENEUR – the ‘Five G’, before exploring what’s holding women back and how to best get female led businesses growing and prospering. Sizakele is on a mission to find and support 100 FENTREPRENEUR. Listen to find out more, to get involved and to access Sizakele’s amazing wisdom.



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