Sinead Duffy

Podcast Interview

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During this podcast we hear from Sinead Duffy. Sinead is the Head of NGO Engagement at one of the world’s major life science companies focused on health and agriculture, Bayer.

Sinead shares with us how business can support those most vulnerable during the COVID-19 global crisis. She talks about the support to people across the world through their medicines, livelihoods and food security through their support for small farmers and value chains.

Sinead believes in the importance of business standing up and making a positive difference, not just during the COVID-19 crisis but all of the time.

She implores CEOs and leaders from across sectors to speak up and use their voice for good.

During this podcast Sinead also provides a masterclass in how to communicate. She has a passion for communication of science – sharing her insights from a career translating complex science and creating connections with people. She explains how she and Bayer’s leaders are keenly trying to listen and understand what is needed and expected.

Sinead always advocates for deep listening. She says: “We have only one mouth but two ears for a reason; so we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

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