Unleashing Girls’ Economic Potential (Full Video Above)

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Natasha Kwakwa, Standard Chartered:
“You need to enable a common economy to thrive. You need to have all of the population included in that economy. And we know that where economies thrive, our business will thrive.”
Elsie Potlako Lebese, University of Johannesburg:
“I remember younger me saying that when teenagers are pregnant, they should not give up, they should take this as a moment of resilience.”
Jamal Khatoon, Right to Play:
“Girls who graduated [from ‘Goal’] are pursuing their dreams. Some are in the university, some professional sports players, some are doing their jobs, and in fact some are doing their businesses from their home. While [‘Goal’] is all fun, it’s all full of learning, it is all full of sports, fun, and learning together.”
Yvonne Henry, Women Win:
“When we’re talking about women and girls, words and language really matter … girls and women are co-designers and decision makers, not … recipients of programming or victims.”
Yvonne Henry, Women Win:
“Girl-only spaces where girls can play safely, can talk safely, can be themselves, [are] really, really important. Especially when you start to talk about sensitive topics [like] menstruation, gender based violence”
Natasha Kwakwa, Standard Chartered:
“It’s … not chasing the big headline numbers, but looking at the life-changing outcomes we can achieve with young #women. So we’re investing more per young woman”