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Edward Tay, National University of Singapore:
“While we are trying to solve equities and diversities, we do not want to propagate more bias going into the future.”
Kacper Łodzikowski , Pearson:
“We care more about like, how the system that pretends to be a human-like-tutor, perceives your opinions about something. If it generates an image of a nurse: is that nurse a male or a female? So this is something that we really try to measure and check before we implement those systems at scale.”
Sian Hawkins, Cherie Blair Foundation:
“AI is a crucial way for us to reduce that gender gap. But at the moment, there’s a huge challenge as well, that many women are going to be left at the starting line, many women aren’t going to have access, training and the skills required to make full use of these digital type technologies, particularly #AI. “
David Norman, Cooperative AI Foundation:
“Bias itself seems to be in some ways hardwired into the data on which we are training some of these AI systems. So in many ways, the biases that are exhibited, for example, in #AI applications for recruitment, are a mirror of the biases that already exists within society”
Edward Tay, National University of Singapore:
“If we are able to bring in more people from a whole diverse mix of culture, race and religions, so that we can mitigate any sort of bias that is already out there, we will have a chance, we have a one in a million chance to build a much more fairer world.”
Sian Hawkins, Cherie Blair Foundation:
“Let’s not leave people at the starting line, I think we’ve got a huge opportunity to use #AI and digital tools as a leveller and to drastically reduce the gender gap, particularly in terms of economic equality, but across lots of different measures as well.”
Zahid Torres-Rahman, Business Fights Poverty:
“We need to individually and collectively, think about how we can play our part intentionally to make sure that we use #AI as a force for greater equity.”