Prathyusha Parakala

Podcast Interview

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“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

This podcast marks the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. On this day, 2nd October 2019, India will begin a nationwide ban of single use plastic.

Prathyusha Parakala, Hydrabad millennial, radio DJ and climate ambassador, joins us to share her first-hand experiences – about the wave of social and environmental actions sweeping across India.

To provide some background: in 2014 India became the first nation to make it mandatory for all companies with a net worth over US $70 million to spend a minimum of two percent of their average three year net profits on CSR. This sits alongside the ‘extended producer responsibility’ or EPR – where sellers of plastic and e-waste have a responsibility for collecting and recycling it. Both of these laws have since been tightened, with fines and possible imprisonment for non-compliance with the former and tighter monitoring and targets for the latter. 

During this interview Prathyusha explains why she cares about environmental impact and how her Antarctic expedition has set her on a journey to do everything she can to tackle climate change. And as the founder of the social impact trust Praana, which means Life, Prathyusha explores, during this podcast, how business and civil society are taking action and where this is being driven grassroots up.

As Prathyusha says: We should never under estimate the power of like-minds coming together to tackle problems.

To find out more, Prathyusha can be found on twitter and instragram using the handle: @PrathyushaCFA18

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