Peer Club is a private peer network of 150+ employees of global companies passionate about social impact.

Peer Club brings together the very best of Business Fights Poverty, and everything we’ve learned over 17 years of award-winning collaboration, into one place. Get better access to the support, insights and relationships you need to scale your social impact.

As a member of Peer Club, deeply connect and build relationships with like-minded peers from companies around the world, with different perspectives and experiences. Benefit from our long-standing relationships with leading NGOs and universities, and tap into a wealth of global expertise on the topics you care about.


Tap into the latest thinking and experience of your peers so that you can make informed decisions.


  • Access insights and reflect on shared challenges by joining virtual topic-based Peer Circles with peers from companies across sectors and selected experts in a safe-space setting.


  • Share your own experience, shape the collective agenda and make the best use of your time by participating in carefully curated private hybrid events.


  • Take control of your own learning journey by accessing exclusive learning content you can take back into your work, including private briefings on the topics you care about.

Build relationships with like-minded peers so that you can widen your social support network. 

  • Build a personal support group and deepen your sense of connection with exclusive networking opportunities, including private lunches and dinners.

  • Get inspired by meeting the people behind some of the latest innovations and thinking, learn from their experience first-hand, and share your own story, through our in-person private Peer Learning Forum.

  • Find and build meaningful connections with valuable new partners through personal introductions.

Our Peer Circles

Our popular Peer Circles bring together a small group of 6 to 10 carefully selected peers within one company or across different companies and sectors, along with invited experts. Lasting 60 to 90 minutes, they are a simple yet powerful way to access the real-world knowledge, experience and perspectives of a trusted group of people to generate ideas, problem-solve and deepen relationships. The Peer Circle format, developed by Business Fights Poverty and informed by Nancy Kline’s “Time to Think” method, provides a structured and supportive process that ensures everyone has the chance to speak and be listened to.


Over the course of 12 months, your Peer Club Membership includes:

  • Unlimited Peer Circles – regular dedicated, safe-space online conversations with your peers.
  • Ability to apply to join private workshops to connect with curated groups of peers and experts face-to-face.
  • Opportunity to be featured as a Lead Discussant at Summit Workshops and Online Written Discussions to share your expertise and raise your profile.
  • Exclusive invites to join VIP lunches and dinners.
  • Invitation to join our annual Peer Learning Forum, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford – a private, tailored Summit, just for you and a small group of your peers to share insights, work on strategic social impact issues and connect deeply with like minded people.
  • Priority access to topic briefings to stay ahead of the curve with the latest thinking.
  • Personal introductions to other members to help you deliver on your social impact objectives.


Peer Club is open on a by-application basis to employees of international companies who are passionate about social impact.
Peer Club is diverse and inclusive. We encourage companies to nominate a diversity of colleagues from across their business, including from the Global South.
Business Fights Poverty member companies get unlimited FREE memberships for their employees. 
For employees of non-member companies, Peer Club membership is £1,500 / $1,950 per person per year.