Payal Dalal

Podcast Interview

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During this podcast Payal shares the latest thinking in groundbreaking partnerships and highlights some of the Center’s key partnerships including with Accion to modernise and digitise financial service providers and CARE USA to support female entrepreneurs in emerging markets; she also flags a new model of partnership: private-private partnershipsand cites two examples of private-private partnerships with the garment and FMCG sectors. Links to more information about these partnerships can be found below. She also talks about the role partnerships play in delivering the SDGs.

This podcast is also really useful if you are newly exploring the potential of business to deliver social or environmental good. Payal takes us on a succinct journey through the evolution of this agenda. From businesses simply giving away money to local charities forty years ago through to the latest thinking about shared growth and commercially sustainable social impact.

And finally hear Payal’s career advice. She is someone who has successfully moved across sectors, from NGO, to political, to multinational business. Two words – “Be flexible.” I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I do.

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