Regenerative agriculture creates climate resilience with Oliver Furechi, Evalyn Akoth and Sarah Roberts

Podcast Interview

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Regenerative agriculture creates climate resilience. Learn from Kenyan farmer Evalyn Akoth as she shares how she is adopting regenerative farming techniques. Evalyne shares her advice to other farmers and bigger businesses about pioneering climate resilience techniques.

During this podcast hear from:

Evalyn Akoth, farming in Kisumu County, Kenya.

Practical Action’s CEO, Sarah Roberts

and Oliver Furechi – the project manager who has been working with Evalyne in Kenya.

Regenerative agriculture creates climate resilience:

Evelyn shares why mixed regenerative farming is boosting her income; how climate change is already impacting her farm; and why young people innovating farming techniques is the future. Together they discuss why innovations in finance and payments for conservation are needed; how NGOs such as Practical Action can help bridge the gaps between bigger businesses and smallholder farmers; and what advocating for those hardest hit by climate change really means.

This conversation is not about handouts or aid, regenerative agriculture create climate resilience. Evalyne challenges herself and other farmers to step up to diversify and deepen climate resilience. She is positive and determined and should be listened to.

This podcast forms part of a short series on putting people at the heart of climate action and what Climate Justice can mean for business.

Climate change is affecting us all, but the most severe impacts are being felt by the most vulnerable people, who contribute least to the causes of the problem. Existing inequities – due to factors such as gender, race and income – exacerbate the risks to people’s lives and livelihoods. Inequity also affects people’s capacity and opportunity to participate in the transition to a green economy. Climate change is the defining issue of our time. How we respond can protect or undermine the human rights of people around the world. How business can act on climate change and deliver climate justice is central to our work.

Visit our Climate Justice event and resources page to learn more.


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