Merten Sievers

Podcast Interview

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Merten Sievers leads value chain and enterprise development with the International Labour Organisation (ILO). During our podcast conversation Merten shares his insights on the effects COVID-19 is having on small and medium sized enterprises, in particular the impacts on decent work. Merten then deep dives into the practical ways businesses of all sizes can help create and capitalise upon quality jobs.

Merten introduces the new toolkit that he has been supporting Business Fights Poverty on. The aim of the toolkit is to stimulate thinking and exchange within companies and external partners about what business models for more decent jobs should look like and how to mainstream these into business practice. The toolkit provides practical case studies and a framework for both evaluating the quality of jobs and also enhancing them. It includes examples from leading companies including Hermes, Anglo American, Unilever, and others.

Merten champions that all types of organisations can be more strategic in improving job quality. He explains: “There are multiple examples where fundamental changes can be made to improve job security, equality, health and wellbeing without impacting business competitiveness, growth and profitability.”


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