Nepal’s farmers tackle climate change with Madan Pariyar and Corey O’Hara

Podcast Interview

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Let’s talk about climate change, climate justice and last mile supplies for farmers. Hear about ways farmers tackle climate change and how we can better support remote communities in their last mile supplies.


Madan Pariyar, member of Nepal’s delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


iDE’s Senior Adviser and iDE’s Nepal in country director Corey O’Hara.

iDE works with rural entrepreneurs to better access markets and adapt to climate change – amongst other things. During our conversation we will deep dive into what is working in Nepal and how to develop better ways of getting farming supplies to those working in remote areas. And together we discuss what COP means to Nepal and how business needs to be a part of climate action solutions. Madan and Corey stress that farmers are already tackling climate change – pioneering solutions but they need help to adapt and build their resilience.

This podcast forms part of a short series on putting people at the heart of climate action and what Climate Justice can mean for business.

Climate change is affecting us all, but the most severe impacts are being felt by the most vulnerable people, who contribute least to the causes of the problem.  Existing inequities – due to factors such as gender, race and income – exacerbate the risks to people’s lives and livelihoods. Inequity also affects people’s capacity and opportunity to participate in the transition to a green economy. Climate change is the defining issue of our time. How we respond can protect or undermine the human rights of people around the world and what actions business case take is priority to our work.

This podcast focuses on how farmers tackle climate change. Visit our Climate Justice event and resources page to learn more.


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