Global Equity Summit 2024 – Day 1 – Webinar 1 GFF

How can businesses transform health outcomes for women, children, and adolescents?

Hosted with the Global Financing Facility

Discover the pivotal role of businesses in advancing health for women, children, and adolescents with The Global Financing Facility. Learn about the latest insights on how cross-sector collaboration and financial strategies are crafting healthier generations, and from practitioners on innovative approaches for impactful investment in global health systems.


Lilia Zakirova, Healthcare Public Policy Director, Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa, MSD

Sneha Kanneganti, Private Sector Lead, Global Financing Facility

Sue Tym, Social Impact Portfolio Senior Manager, Primark

Ronald Wakhu, Senior Associate, Health Finance Coalition

Maziko Matemba, Director, HREP-Malawi & Global GSOs Representative, GFF Investors Group


Annabel Beales, Collaboration Lead, Business Fights Poverty