Edward Cameron

Podcast Interview

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What is climate justice and why should we care about it? Meet Edward Cameron. Edward has dedicated his career to understanding, delivering, and advocating for climate justice. He has a PhD in the topic and is the founder of the International Institute for Climate Justice.

During this podcast Edward shares pragmatic ways to catalyse low-carbon inclusive actions and why he believes business engagement will be the secret to the success to climate action.

Edward is a genuine thought leader – be prepared for analytical perspectives on the case for climate justice; direction on how to become a leader; and a forensic assessment of the drivers, challenges, barriers, and conditions that can incentivise or undermine public and private ambition on climate change.

You are also invited to join Edward in person – as he is joining us to lead an interactive session during the Business Fights Poverty – Climate Justice Summit: 3-5th November 2021. Register with this promo code and you will get free access to the Summit: BFPCJW2021


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