The recognition of the role of ambivalence in both music and business has recurred throughout the two years of our Music, Business, and Peace summits. Rather than negate this ambivalence, we feel that the major task before us is to identify how to develop the positive aspects of each in order to nudge them towards being instruments of peace. Included in these discussions have been the observations that music strongly touches on the emotions, which can be a source of potential positive contributions and that business, when ethically-oriented, can bring people together to collaborate and serve the needs of a variety of stakeholders to create cooperation.

In September, we return to these issues with panelists from a May, 2018 symposium. These panelists will build on the themes offered during this Summer, 2018 dialogue and offer new insights into the possibilities and obstacles for how music and business can positively contribute to peace. On September 21, these panelists will have a real time dialogue on this topic from 10:00-11:00 a.m. ET with the discussion board open for comments both before and after that real time event. During this discussion, we will also be probing the possibilities for the kinds of structures and organizations that might foster continued expansion of the themes of this event. While there are no papers, per se, to be posted for this month’s event, scrolling through the summer dialogue will provide a good deal of orientation and foundation for this month’s conversation.

Click here to join a discussion on 21 September (3 – 4pm UK time) with a panel of of experts working at the frontier of music, business and peace.