“If you’re a supplier you deliver something in a fixed period of time. A partnership is a win-win, where you both want to achieve a shared goal and you keep going to achieve this. It’s like one plus one equals three”.

Explained members of the Cargill Central American Team recently during an interview for the Building Transformational Partnerships research Business Fights Poverty, Cargill and CARE undertook.

Join this live online discussion, on Thursday 21 February, 15.00 GMT/ 10.00 EST, to explore why businesses, NGOs and others are looking at new ways to partner, deepen impact and make a difference.

You will hear first hand accounts from practitioners, learn from their successes and their mistakes, deepen your insight into partnerships which are pushing the boundaries and increase your understanding of the opportunities delivering SDG #17 could bring to your business.

If you are part of a business, NGO or organisation looking to forge partnerships, deepen relationships and scale impact this discussion will give you practitioner insight into how to move from transactional, primarily philanthropic relationships to ones that, genuinely draw on the capabilities, skills and resources of each  partner – creating not only shared commitment to an ambitious outcome but lasting focus to ensure impact delivery.

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