Breanna DiGiammarino

Podcast Interview

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Yvette Torres-Rahman, Partnerships Director at Business Fights Poverty, interviews Breanna DiGiammarino Senior Director of Social Innovation at Indiegogo.

Learn about Indiegogo’s story and why it was set-up. Hear about Breanna’s work and key campaigns such as the Kuli Kuli campaigns: first and second and the Blogger Humans of New York’s fundraiser: Let’s Help Fatima End Bonded Labor

Breanna also shares some of her greatest challenges and how she has overcome them and talks about the resources available for setting up a Crowdfunding Campaign and how Enterprises can use Indigogo´s crowdfunding resources to accelerate innovation.

Read about other innovative campaigns like Shock Top’s Shock the Drought on Indigogo´s blog page.

Listen to the full interview by clicking on the play button on the image above.

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