Being a Climate Activist with Pushpanath Krishnamurthy

Podcast Interview

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What does it take to be a climate activist? Social Impact Pioneer and climate activist Pushpanath Krishnamurthy talks about what motivates and drives him to give up an easy life and devote it to campaigning for climate justice.

Push to his friends has in the past 11 years walked over 35 million steps in the name of climate action. And in the process, he has walked with and listening to over 600,000 people. Push began his walking in 2009 when he set off from Oxford to walk to Copenhagen.

In this conversation Push shares some of the stories from people he has met along the way. He paints a vivid picture of what climate change looks like in remote villages in Uganda and how people are innovating climate resilient solutions. Push is a passionate believer in better understanding everyone’s perspectives.

He says: “It is the darkest paradox of our times that those who caused so little to the climate crisis have paid with life and livelihood, and yet they are able to show us, with just a little power and voice – a clear way forward to adapt and mitigate as well as deliver Justice.”

In addition, Push is a master in connecting the dots. Across his travels he has met so many people. You will hear a masterclass of how a connector and master networker connects ideas with entrepreneurs, farming cooperatives with big business supply chains, and policymakers with community builders.

Listen to this podcast to hear Push share some of what he has heard during his listening walks. Get inspired to take action and empowered to listen.

In his latest article with us here at Business Fights Poverty Push explains:

“Leaders, businesses, civics and anyone listening – let us act together. Please take a step, as I have been doing since 2009. As I began my journey, walking from Oxford to Copenhagen for the climate conference and I continue to do so in the 11 years since. I have spoken with more than 600, 000 people in that time and I won’t stop now. I encourage you to get walking and listening too.”

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