Podcast Interview

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Blockchain is banded around as a silver bullet to solving transparency and traceability challenges. This podcast reveals what this means to reality. Meet award-winning serial entrepreneur Ashish Gadnis – as he demystifies blockchain, shares the trends he thinks we should all be thinking about and why his father said to him – “If you want to get out of poverty you can either programme or you can beg.”

During our conversation Ashish explains how his company BanQu is utilising blockchain technology “This is not a pilot or proof of concept” he says, sharing live examples of how they are using the technology to help some of those most vulnerable around the world. Examples ranging from support to smallholder farmers who are supplying produce into bigger business; tracing recycling and adding value to waste pickers; reducing child labour within the tobacco industry and; how the Islamic development bank are ensuring COVID relief funding is reaching those in need.

Our podcasts want to know about the people behind the innovations and impact – this conversation is no different. Ashish shares his personal journey with us, from immigrant to the US from India, coder, founder, Congo volunteer and now impact entrepreneur. And his advise to others: “No pity, don’t own poor peoples data and meet where people are.”



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