Antony Karanja

Podcast Interview

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Antony Karanja is part of pan-African organisation The Youth Café. Listen in to hear him passionately share why helping young people from across Africa is important to him, as he champions a vision of creating your own positive future.

Antony is 24. He has grown up and lives in Kenya. In 2016, because of the leadership he showed in his High School, he was selected to attend the World Bank’s Youth Summit. Antony is now a researcher, designer and project development associate for The Youth Café.

During our conversation Antony shares what he has been working on with The Youth Café – in order to empower, amplify and connect young people to positive futures. From tackling poverty and inequality to creating enabling environments for young people to access education and build resilience.

This podcast reminds us why we need to be positive and take action.
Get ready for passion, vision and empowered optimism. And why young people are going to make change.


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