About us

We curate purposeful collaboration to help companies and their partners access the insights and relationships they need to unlock new opportunities for business and social impact.

Our story

Where we have come from

Welcome to the Business Fights Poverty Community. We started our journey in 2005, with a mission to help you on your social impact journey. We recognised an opportunity to connect those who share our passion for business and social impact across organisations, sectors and countries. We continue to be amazed and inspired by the members of this community.

Inspired by our community

We take pride in the fact that 97% of surveyed members say that being a part of the Business Fights Poverty community makes them feel more connected. Community sits at the heart of everything we do. We believe that sharing insights, co-creating solutions and deepening relationships are central to building a more equitable and resilient future.

Join us on this journey

Business Fights Poverty has grown into a vibrant global community of people, companies and organisations committed to making a positive impact. As an award-winning, founding UK B Corp, Business Fights Poverty is dedicated to promoting an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Join us today and be part of this transformative journey.

WHy and how we do what we do


A confluence of challenges is driving a poverty tsunami that is crashing into the lives of vulnerable people and communities around the world. We are leading efforts to understand these trends from a business perspective and enable companies to take action.


We focus on how businesses can harness their core business, as well as their voice and philanthropy, to support the lives, livelihoods and access to learning of the most vulnerable people - working in partnership with other businesses, civil society and government.


We do this by coordinating rapid collaborations that drive action, curating meaningful convenings to deepen relationships, and harnessing the collective learning of our community of companies and 30,000+ individuals from business, civil society and government.

Our Team

Zahid Torres-Rahman

Co-Founder & CEO


Zahid has over 25 years’ experience in business and international development, including at PwC and HM Treasury, and is a Founder of Business Fights Poverty.

Yvette Torres-Rahman

Co-Founder & CFO


Yvette has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and brand management, including at GSK, and is a Founder of Business Fights Poverty.

Katie Hyson

Director, Thought Leadership & COO


Katie has over 15 years’ experience within multi-national businesses developing sustainability and shared value, including Barclays and O2

Alice Allan

Director, Collaboration


Alice has over 25 years’ experience facilitating engagement between the private sector, civil society and government, including leading CARE’s global Women’s Economic Empowerment advocacy.

Natasha McEwen

Community Engagement Manager


Natasha has over 20 years’ experience in inclusive business and cross-sector partnerships, including at the International Business Leaders Forum.

Michael Salmon

Creative Director


Michael has over 25 years of graphic design and branding experience across a wide variety of disciplines.

Annabel Beales

Collaboration Lead


Annabel has 15+ years experience in research and writing in the field of business and social impact, including previously for MLM Group.

Sofia Ribas



Sofia is passionate about promoting social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, and has a background as a social entrepreneur, as well as with GIZ in Morocco.

Sera Mathews

Social Media Coordinator


Sera is a digital journalist keen on promoting environmental and human interest issues with prior experience at BBC Good Food Middle East.

Anna Spenner Hernandez

Community Learning Coordinator


Anna is a University of Bristol graduate, passionate about social and environmental justice, and has previously worked for environmental charities and on tackling inequality.

Our Circle of Advisors

Jane Nelson

Director, Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School


Jane has co-authored five books and over 80 publications on corporate responsibility and the role of the private sector in development.

David Grayson CBE

Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility, Cranfield University


David speaks, writes and advises regularly on business, society, entrepreneurialism, and future trends for businesses and media.

Anna Barford

Senior Research Associate, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge


Anna is Prince of Wales Fellow in Pathways to a Circular Economy, supported by Unilever, and focuses on the intersection of livelihoods and the environment.

Lisa Nichols

Founder and CEO, Motivating the Masses


Lisa is a world class coach and motivational speaker, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people.

Marcus Druen

Executive Coach


Marcus is part strategic advisor, part executive coach, with experience supporting senior execs at the likes of Telefonica O2, Lidl, KPMG and Microsoft.