Jiselle and Cesar, On Gender Transformative Approaches

Podcast Interview

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Will it take the 136 years to reach gender equality predicted by the World Economic Forum in 2021? In many parts of the world, women currently fall far behind. Just look at educational achievement, earning differences, ownership of property, access to the internet or mobile phones or participation in decision making for proof.

But how do we go about levelling things up for women?

Meet social impact pioneers: Cesar Maita Azpiri and Jiselle Steele.

During this podcast Cesar and Jiselle share some of their 30 plus years of experience working on women’s empowerment. Together they have recently been working on ‘gender transformative approaches.’

Cesar and Jiselle deep dive…not only into what this means, but the practicalities of implementing gender transformative approaches – for businesses everywhere, across value chains.

You will hear practical advice on how to build your business case for gender transformation; why the very women who most need support need to be in the decision-making roles; and what a difference gender disaggregated data will make to business impacts.

Cesar heads the global gender unit at IDH -The Sustainable Trade Initiative. He’s a business-oriented gender expert with hands-on experience in private and non-profit organizations active in impact investing & sustainable value chains. Cesar having studied for a masters and MBA degree he is now following a PhD in Anthropology focused on gender equality in cocoa and coffee value chains.

Whilst Jiselle, is the Private Sector Gender Advisor, for Oxfam’s Business Advisory Service (OBAS). She has led corporate sustainability and consultancy programmes in partnership with the private, public and third sector in Brazil, India, UK, and Sri Lanka. Jiselle’s experiences range beyond corporate sustainability – to include start up incubators, refugee and migrant support – always with a focus on gender and social inclusion.


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