Devika Gopal Agge and Charlotte Fraiberg

Podcast Interview

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This conversation is recorded from Glasgow during the COP26 and the Business Fights Poverty Climate Justice Summit.

During this conversation Devika Gopal Agge, Chief Development Officer and Charlotte Fraiberg, Board Advisor from Health In Harmony share their insights from Glasgow. They talk the day after the COP26 Global Forest Finance pledge is made, during which more than 100 world leaders promised to end and reverse deforestation by 2030 and US$12 billion was pledged for forest-related climate finance between 2021-2025.

Charlotte and Devika share their joys of hearing these commitments and having the biggest turn out of indigenous leaders ever present during a COP. Whilst raising questions and concerns around how the commitments will be delivered and the challenges of getting the money to the people who actually need it. What they do know are ways to protect forests with ideas for ways business can make a real difference.

As they explain: “There is no point in planting trees for planting trees – we have got to support the communities…Monocultures can do more harm than good.”

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