Hanneke Faber

Podcast Interview

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Unilever have been named number one sustainability company worldwide for eight years straight. They manage to balance being one of the globe’s largest consumer goods companies, with products sold in around 190 counties, alongside being regularly called leader and pioneer.

So what is the secret sauce that makes this really work and keep working?

Meet Hanneke Faber – Unilever’s President of Foods & Refreshment and part of their Executive team – as she reveals all.

During our conversation Hanneke shares her personal journey with Unilever and why they have chosen to launch their ‘Future of Foods’ commitments now.

Grounded in the hard truth that food systems are broken, Hanneke and her teams are on a mission. Their aim is to:

  • Deliver €1 billion for annual plant-based meat and dairy alternative sales
  • Halve food waste in their direct global operations
  • Double the number of products that deliver positive nutrition globally
  • Whilst continuing to lower calorie, salt and sugar levels across all products.

Of the commitments, Hanneke says: “They are a little bit scary; I am not sure how we will get there, but we will figure it out.”

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