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 Jane Nelson, Harvard Kennedy School: “The role of young people increasingly ... continues to be important and arguably more important than it's ever been.” 
Tara Shine, Change by Degrees: “We want every country & every leader to show us what they're doing to bring a mission to increase resilience to the impacts of climate change ...  Start thinking about the losses & damages that it is inflicting on the most vulnerable.”
Tara Shine, Change by Degrees: “Every single job is a climate job ... You can work on climate change and be a force for good no matter what your passion is.”
Farah Emara, Fresh Source Global: “The key issue that we are tackling is our food loss rate. It's around 45%. And that means ... at the end, it's completely lost. It's a trillion dollar problem around the world and this is what we are on a mission to solve.”
Morten Rasmussen, Novozymes: “One of the strengths on this planet, is that we are inclusive when we all come together, we have the mind and the mindset of collaborating & solving some of the biggest challenges that we're facing.”
Dina El - Mofty, INJAZ Egypt: “They (young entrepreneurs) turn renewable energy solutions into a socially impact business, with real sustainable action plans that are just so inspiring to see, because they are the change makers of tomorrow.”
Tara Shine, Change by Degrees: "The easiest way to think about climate justice is by looking at the injustice; climate change is so unfair. The people who are suffering the worst consequences of climate change are the people who are least responsible.”
Tara Shine, Change by Degrees: "Organizations & corporates have to take risks in investing in youth & their enterprises. We're gonna have to take risks in order to make things better, & we're going to have to invest in our young people to do that."
Dina El - Mofty, INJAZ Egypt: "We can't continue creating policies and discussions without engaging with youth who are the ultimate change makers & leaders of tomorrow and they will be the one stuck with the problem tomorrow as well."
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