How can business partner to help small retailers thrive? Lessons from the country-level

Hosted with AB InBev Across the value chains of companies like AB InBev, there is a network of millions of entrepreneurs – from small-scale farmers to neighbourhood shops. These small and medium businesses (SMBs) are critical to the success of these value chains, while also generating important livelihood opportunities and services for local communities. As […]

How can multi-stakeholder platforms drive engagement and behaviour change? Lessons from addressing health issues in East Africa

Hosted with Amref and the National Business Compact on Coronavirus Focused on learnings from an ambitious multi-stakeholder platform tackling COVID-19 in East Africa, this session unpacked the effectiveness of this type of collaboration in driving sustained engagement and behaviour change to improve global health and well-being. It probed whether multi-stakeholder platforms are the way forward […]

How do we work together to tackle multidimensional poverty?

This session explored how we can work together – across business, government and civil society to tackle multidimensional poverty. How does your organisation think about poverty in your sustainability strategies and what lessons have you learnt about measuring progress? How does your organisation take action in tackling poverty and what lessons have you learnt from […]