Where are the gaps in business leadership for climate justice?

Hosted with Meta While it is primarily the responsibility of governments to drive action on climate change, businesses and their civil society partners also have a leadership role to drive action within their organisations, value chains and wider spheres of influence. Studies show that the large majority of employees and the wider public expect CEOs […]

How can we collaborate better across climate and health to drive equity and resilience?

Hosted with GSK Climate change threatens people’s lives, health and wellbeing. These impacts are not being felt equally, and reflect deep-seated inequities, such as by gender and race. For instance, those communities with poorer access to health care are most impacted by extreme weather events, and are the least able to recover quickly. Meanwhile, global […]

How can we scale youth enterprise solutions for climate justice?

Hosted with the Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School, Change by Degrees and INJAZ Egypt. In this session we explored the practical solutions being developed by inspiring young entrepreneurs that help vulnerable people adapt to and mitigate the risks of climate change. We unpacked the challenges young entrepreneurs face in achieving scale, and how larger […]

What more can we do to place gender equity at the heart of climate action?

Women are disproportionately impacted by climate change, and face greater barriers in accessing the opportunities that come with the green transition. What more can business, in partnership with others, do to support women? How can we ensure that climate actions are gender-smart? In this session we learned from the latest examples of actions being taken […]

How can business drive climate justice through supply chains? – highlight video

Hosted with Meta This session explored how business can support climate justice by building supply chain resilience, especially for those people living in the world’s most vulnerable communities. What are real-life examples of supply chain resilience? What does real-life resilience look like from the supplier’s point of view? What role can technology play to support […]

How do we apply a climate justice lens to build business and community resilience?

This session, hosted with Change by Degrees, explored how businesses can put people at the heart of their climate actions. What does climate justice as a term mean, and what is the latest thinking on equity, justice and climate resilience? How can a climate justice approach based on participation and human rights enable the communities […]

What can we learn from women leaders in the fight for climate justice? – full video

What can we learn from women leaders in the fights for climate justice

This session explored the central theme of International Women’s Day – the important role that women leaders are playing in driving a more sustainable future. We: Learned about the latest thinking on how business can drive gender equity and support women’s leadership across their value chains. Heard inspiring examples of how women leaders are taking […]