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Watch this Fireside Chat with MSD to hear about the ways in which the private sector can help overcome health inequities and prevent disease,
Building an Equitable and Resilient Future Watch our Fireside Chat with Visa Inc and the Harvard Kennedy School Corporate Responsibility Initiative to explore the trends shaping business
Our workshop with Reckitt and WiNFUND is an opportunity to learn from 6 entrepreneurs from across Africa, and hear the speakers’ insights on how
Harnessing Generative AI for Social Impact: Driving Access to Quality Education Our hybrid workshop with Pearson mapped out the opportunities and risks of generative
Our hybrid workshop with Anglo American explored lessons and practical opportunities to collaborate across sectors to tackle the root causes of gender-based violence. OPENING
Rethinking Business Partnerships for the SDGs This hybrid workshop with Meta builds on the latest research by the UN on transformations to accelerate progress
Listen to our Fireside Chat with Novozymes to explore how companies can bring the voice of youth into their SDG thinking and innovation and get ideas
Watch this hybrid workshop with Walmart to hear the latest thinking on how businesses can partner on an inclusive digital future for employees, suppliers
Watch this Fireside Chat with Cargill to hear the latest thinking on the intersection between two critical issues: global food security and advancing farmer livelihoods. INTERVIEWEES:
Watch this hybrid workshop with Barclays to deep-dive into examples of companies collaborating for impact and draw out lessons for your own partnerships. SPEAKERS: Ajaita Shah,