How can companies apply a gender equity lens to address their Scope 3 emissions?

A workshop on how to manage Scope 3 emissions and integrate a gender lens into your decarbonisation plans. Discover what other companies are trialling in this space. As part of the co-creation process, this input helps shape a framework that’s fit for purpose and truly useful.   Opening Speakers:   Emma Cox, Global Climate Leader, PwC […]

How can companies collaborate to tackle Gender-Based Violence in the workplace? – full video

A workshop on developing workplace policies to address gender-based violence (GBV) across multiple markets. Learn from real-life examples and explore the importance of collaborating with external networks and campaigns. With one in three women experiencing physical or sexual violence during their lifetimes, GBV is a prevalent problem that impacts both employees and businesses. Discover how […]

How can we drive health equity by empowering women? – full video

A thought-provoking Fireside Chat on the critical role of women in vaccination uptake. With rates of preventable diseases falling globally, women are essential in ensuring the health and wellbeing of communities. Learn how greater vaccination uptake by women can lead to greater equality and participation in the labour force. Learn how socio-economic factors such as […]

How can business support female entrepreneurs and improve lives? – full video

A Twitter Space session on how businesses can help champion female-led enterprises. Although women-led businesses are increasing, they still only make up 25-35% of all organisations globally due to challenges such as limited access to financing and the inability to own assets. Examine how global agriculture and other sectors can offer women more opportunities, why […]

How can you succeed as an entrepreneur and make a difference in your community?

A Fireside Chat with two social impact pioneers on their insights on what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur. Discover how to get started, build a business, and receive valuable endorsements from other organizations. Get practical advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur and make a difference in your community. Hear stories […]

How does gender equity drive resilience for women and for business?

Gender equity is a driver of resilience, both for women and also for the businesses that work with them across their value chains. In this fireside chat we: Were inspired by our keynote guests and the impactful initiatives they are working on. Received advice on how we can make the case for gender equity in […]

What can we learn from women leaders in the fight for climate justice? – full video

What can we learn from women leaders in the fights for climate justice

This session explored the central theme of International Women’s Day – the important role that women leaders are playing in driving a more sustainable future. We: Learned about the latest thinking on how business can drive gender equity and support women’s leadership across their value chains. Heard inspiring examples of how women leaders are taking […]

How can we drive gender equity through responsible sourcing?

Hosted with UN Foundation Responsible Sourcing holds the promise to improve the lives of millions of women workers globally. Corporate leaders have offered researchers some surprising answers for what is needed. A focus on gender equity and women’s health in supply chains can be a curb cut for Responsible Sourcing. We: Learned what ESG leaders […]