Video, Livestream and Photography Policy
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At Business Fights Poverty events we may video, live stream and/or photograph some or all of the events. We may then publish video footage and photography on our website, social media channels and other communications.
By attending a Business Fights Poverty event, you authorise and grant Business Fights Poverty and their agents an irrevocable licence and permission to use your name, photography, likeness, voice, testimonial and biographical material, in whole or in part, for publication or reproduction in any medium, including but not limited to television, radio, print media and the Internet, among others, for any purpose, including but not limited to public relations, education, advertising, marketing, training and research. Your consent extends to such use without restriction as to time or geographical boundary.

By attending a Business Fights Poverty event, you waive all rights to any claims or demands for payment or royalties in connection with the use of any of such materials, regardless of the purpose of such use or publication, and regardless of whether a fee is charged or collected by Business Fights Poverty for any product and/or service in connection with such use and publication. You also waive any right to inspect, review or approve any photograph, recording, or other written material at any time, and waive the right to approve the use and medium of publication determined by Business Fights Poverty.

By attending a Business Fights Poverty event, you understand that Business Fights Poverty owns all rights in and to any such photography, recording or testimonial, including any copyright and/or trademark relating to such use, which Business Fights Poverty may be entitled to claim.

If you do not want your images to be published, please display a yellow sticker on your lapel or a yellow card visible to the camera.