Together for 2022
We believe an equitable future is a more resilient future.

Thank you to so many participants for highlighting that point through the quotes you submitted, many of which were featured in this video at the "Together for 2022" workshop on January 17th.  We also shared many other great quotes on LinkedIn here.

The workshops brought together thoughtful practitioners and practical scholars from across the Business Fights Poverty community. They were curated by the community for the community. Thanks to the support of our learning partner Pearson, we have prepared one page summaries which you can download by clicking on the images below (the sessions were not video recorded).

Over the course of 2022 we will be in touch about further ways you can help move the needle on these issues.  If you did not register for the event, you can still sign up below to get involved.

Learning Partner
Meet the Discussants
Each workshop gave discussants and participants a chance to share their perspectives. 

Keith Kibirango

Director of Philanthropy and Private Sector Engagement, Crown Agents


Catalina Garcia

Global Director of Corporate Affairs, AB InBev and Board Director, AB InBev Foundation


Anouk Heilen

Global Sustainability Director, Social Equity and Inclusion, Unilever


Marcela Chacón Castro

Regional Director, Public and Government Affairs, Bayer (Central America and the Caribbean), Bayer


Anita Tiessen

CEO, Youth Business International


Mario Elias Gonzalez Lupercio

Social Impact & Shared Value Advisor, CEMEX


Alison Ward

CEO, Cotton Connect


Quetzal Tzab

Founder, ID Indígena


Lisa Goldman Van Nostrand

Global Health Partnerships, Sumitomo Chemical

1:00 to 2:15 PM GMT
Workshops: Round 1
Reversing the losses - How can we accelerate gender equity in 2022?
How do we increase the resilience to shocks of the livelihoods of those most vulnerable during 2022?
Learning and Skills
What are the skills we need now and how can we best learn them in order to deliver a more equitable and resilient future?
2:30 to 3:45 PM GMT
Workshops: Round 2
How do we transfer the learning of rapid collaboration for transformational change learnt during the pandemic to the challenges ahead?
Climate Justice
What is the role of business and how can business put people at the heart of climate action?
Impact Measurement
Where do the gaps remain in impact measuring that will unlock greater business action in 2022 and how do we act on them?
4:00 to 5:15 PM GMT
Coaching Session
Business Deceleration: The fastest way to drive transformation in individuals and the organisations in which they work?
with Craigberoch Business Decelerator


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