Prioritising Digital Wage Payments for Women is Good Business for Businesses

Digital Wage Payments Rural women using phone in village

When was the last time you received your wage in cash? Have you ever received a pile of bills and coins, taken public transportation, and wondered where in your house to hide them to keep them safe? There is a chance you have never experienced this. But in many countries, this is an everyday reality. […]

Supporting the Economic Empowerment of Women in Coffee

Economic Empowerment of Women in Coffee

To Support the Economic Empowerment of Women in Coffee, We Must Make Their Work Visible. “We didn’t understand that we could do it, that we [as women] could go out into our communities and be ourselves,” says Nay Aponte, a coffee grower in Peru’s Monzón Valley. She worked hard on the family coffee farm, but […]

3 Proven Strategies that Create Impact for Women Entrepreneurs 

Impact for Women Entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs represent a trillion-dollar economic growth opportunity with benefits that ripple through households and communities – this should be enough to inspire action, but sadly it’s not. And despite the proliferation of gender equality strategies, gender-focused financial inclusion policies, entrepreneurship support programs, and extensive evidence that women are worth investing in, we’re still only […]

FemTech and the Gender Health Gap

FemTech and Health

Healthcare serves women less well than men. Women live more of their life in poor health than men and they are also more likely to report a negative experience of accessing healthcare. FemTech and the Gender Health Gap FemTech also aptly illustrates the way in which healthcare more broadly will evolve, as health, tech and […]

The Global Pursuit of Equity: A New Stanford Social Innovation Review Article Series

Social and environmental inequities exist in every pocket of the world, without exception. They often form across familiar lines, including race, gender, or physical ability, and manifest in familiar ways, including greater or less access to education, employment, technology, security, and a healthy environment. However, the severity, entrenchment, and complexity of these inequities are unique […]

Redefining Women’s Leadership in the Garment Industry

Women and Garment Industry- Indian women in textiles factory with arms crossed

RISE: A Reflection on Women’s Advancement Beyond Supervisory Roles in the Garment Industry Key Points Women workers are underrepresented in leadership roles within factories in the Ready-made-Garment (RGM) supply chains Existing activities focused on workers’ and supervisors’ capacity building to promote women to supervisory roles don’t fully match the expectations of workers or address their […]

Investing in Women Entrepreneurs: Nepali Childcare Center Gives Mothers More time

Women Entrepreneurs and Childcare: Group of Nepali babies and and children

Two-year-old Hanvi Rana giggles as she pushes herself forward on a plastic motorcycle, weaving between the other toys scattered across the playroom. As one of 15 small children dropped off at this Nepali childcare center, the cheerful toddler is developing important cognition and social skills as she busies herself with playthings and educational games. Just […]

Mainstreaming Gender to Power Sustainable Business Growth

Gender Equality Mainstreaming A-woman-participates-in-agricultural-activities-in-Myanmar

Gender equality is one of the essential pieces of the global prosperity puzzle. Women represent almost half of the global population and thus, also possess half of its potential. Yet inequalities faced by women are so deeply rooted and persistent, that we are lagging behind in our progress towards the gender equality targets set out […]

New Research Sheds Light on the Digital Gender Gap

Dhivya O’Connor Bridging the Digital Gender Gap

Digital inclusion is crucial for economic justice, but women lack connectivity The complex issue of women’s economic justice is often reduced to conversations on equal pay or boardroom representation. As a woman leader, I of course see the value in these topics. However, the intersections of patriarchal structures, systemic inequalities, sexist attitudes, and access to […]