Making Supply Chains Work for Women

BSR is pleased to launch a new video that sets out why and how companies should work to drive gender equality in global supply chains. We invite you to take a moment to watch it below. There are many opportunities for companies to promote gender equality in supply chains—through their own actions, by enabling business partners, and by influencing industry peers […]

Impact Sourcing and Inclusive Supply Chains

An Interview with Tim Hopper, Manager of Responsible Sourcing Initiatives, Microsoft Recently, BSR’s Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC)—which seeks to create more inclusive supply chains through procurement—published “The Autism Empowerment Kit,” which offers recommendations and resources for employers to provide workplace accommodations that empower employees with autism. Microsoft, one of the sponsors of this kit, […]

New BSR Guidance Integrates Gender Equality into Supply Chain Codes of Conduct

With women holding 60 to 90 percent of jobs in the labor-intensive stages of the apparel and fresh produce global supply chains, it would make sense for companies in those industries to consider women’s specific challenges when focusing on ethical supply chain management. However, until now, women have rarely been a focus of such strategies, […]

Words and Actions: Lessons from Unilever's Supply Chain

‘You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do’ (C.G. Jung) Why did Unilever open itself up to scrutiny? The new Oxfam Unilever progress report on labour rights in Vietnam is out. Unilever has provided Oxfam with all the necessary information to assess its performance on labour rights in practice. If Unilever were […]

Labour Rights in Unilever’s Vietnam Supply Chain

Rachel Wilshaw, Ethical Trade Manager for Oxfam, introduces their latest report on labour rights in Vietnam, a unique study done in conjunction with Unilever. Five years ago, Oxfam and Unilever agreed to an unusual study. Unilever opened up its business so Oxfam could understand how it managed labour rights, and what this meant for workers […]