Beyond Doing Good: Why ESG Makes Great Business Sense for African Fintechs

Buisness people at round table. Fintech Africa

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’re already familiar with the acronym ESG. Standing for “environmental”, “social”, and “governance”, it’s a constantly evolving standard that emphasises the importance of doing business in a way that positively impacts the environment, society and stakeholders. In essence, it’s the idea that companies can grow and […]

Catalysing Investment in the Health of Women, Children, and Adolescents

Investment in the Health Women and Children

Global progress to reduce preventable deaths of pregnant women, mothers and babies has flatlined for the last eight years, according to the WHO. It is high time to recognise that investing in the health of women, children and adolescents is not only a moral imperative and a human rights requirement; it’s an essential investment in […]

Improving Human Wellbeing in the Coffee Supply Chain

Improving Human Wellbeing in the Coffee Supply chain: The Need for Better Data and Benchmarks Ahh a freshly-brewed cup of coffee…if just the smell of it brings you comfort at the promise of a caffeine-hit each morning, you’re not alone. Globally, we consume over two billion cups of coffee every day. And yet, how often […]

How to Improve Strategic Planning by Using Foresight Tools

Foresight Tools

The business challenges involved in preparing for the future are becoming more difficult. From the “push” side, a more complex and more entangled world means that disruption comes more often, and from more unexpected places. From the “pull” side, employees, customers, and sometimes investors increasingly expect businesses to worry about more than the bottom line. […]

Addressing Global Hunger: Insights from Ceres2030 Project

The world is not on track to eliminate hunger by 2030. Despite the gains made between 2005 and 2015, we are now witnessing an alarming increase in hunger and undernourishment. According to the latest estimates, 828 million people are facing hunger everyday – 150 million more than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Reversing this trend will […]

Weathering COVID-19: Small and Micro Businesses in Pakistan

Female shop owner surrounded by produce in Pakistan

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a wave of disruption, leaving no corner untouched. While the world focused on the health crisis, a quieter battle unfolded on the streets of Pakistan. Small and micro enterprises, the lifeblood of the nation’s economy, faced an unprecedented challenge. As we delve into the depths of their struggles, it becomes evident […]

Achieving Decent Work and Economic Growth by 2030

Woman in shop holding mobile phone

Achieving Decent Work and Economic Growth by 2030: How Are Companies Making a Difference Through Payment Digitization? Responsible digitization of payments is helping companies around the world make progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set to be achieved in less than seven years. This is particularly important for small retailers, smallholder farmers and low-income workers with limited […]

Five Reasons Why We Need Fair Food Systems for Future Food Security.

Who doesn’t like to start their day with a banana smoothie, avocado on toast or a steaming cup of strong coffee? Or relax after work with a glass of wine and a handful of nuts? For millions of consumers around the world, life without some of our favourite foods and drinks would be very dull […]