Six Principles for Businesses to Drive Sustainable Behaviour Change in Low-Income Communities

Six Principles for Businesses to Drive Sustainable Behaviour Change in Low-Income Communities

Six Principles for Businesses to Drive Sustainable Behaviour Change in Low-Income Communities. Creating a more sustainable future for people and planet will require fundamental changes in attitudes and behaviours across society worldwide. This is no easy feat; altering behaviours is a long process, one which requires consistency and encouragement. Business plays an important role in […]

How Storytelling Can Paint a Full Picture of Impact for Businesses 

Group of people walking in hard hats and overalls at work

Across the globe, inclusive businesses are making differences in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable – from empowering rural women to improving access to education. However, plain numbers struggle to capture the breadth of important work they are doing to investors, potential partners, and the people they aim to help the most. To bring […]

Real-time information for famers enables climate change adaption

How does Lentera use data to enable farmers to adapt to climate change? We use satellite and weather data to provide farmers with crop specific advice with regards to fertilizers, pests and diseases, and water management of their farms. This helps farmers adapt their agronomy practices in line with changing climate patterns. We also use […]

Combating rural poverty through Inclusive Business

Maize is the staple crop for 1.6 million smallholder farmers in Zambia. It is their main food, their source of cash – and their nemesis. Growing maize in monoculture, lacking access to inputs, and relying on traders to reach markets, most smallholder farmers stay desperately poor. According to the World Bank, more than three out […]

Tackling inequality – an integral component to long-term business success

Sustainability has become mainstream. Today more than ever, business is expected to take action to tackle the climate emergency, bring greater sustainability into value chains and be held accountable for these efforts. Capital markets, consumers, and governments are all in agreement that sustainability is the only long-term success for business – as well as for […]

Why decolonizing philanthropy is important now more than ever and how to achieve it

In the nonprofit world, organizations often talk about bringing community members in to have a seat at the table. This is especially true as organizations now work to meaningfully respond to persisting inequity in the nonprofit space. However, at The InteRoots Initiative – a United States-based philanthropic organization that works both domestically and globally – […]

Prioritising engaging with workers and other stakeholders for human rights

Ensuring corporate respect for human rights is fundamentally about people, revolving around how companies become aware of, prevent, mitigate and remediate actual and potential negative impacts on the rights of individuals and communities. Respecting the rights of these people can only be done effective by seeking to understand their experiences and perspectives. In other words, […]

Engendering Regeneration for Supply Chains that Last

In a decade marked by climate shocks, pandemia, and global interconnection, the call to #InvestInOurPlanet is top of mind for individuals and companies – not just for Earth Day but for the future of life and business as we know it. Food and beverage corporations sense the urgency to transition to more renewable sources for […]

The path to living wages for low-paid workers worldwide

Recent crises worldwide have highlighted how fragile our global supply chains can be when disaster strikes. Whether it’s Covid-19, climate or conflict-related, these crises underscore the importance of ensuring the people who produce our goods and food earn enough to protect their livelihoods from shocks.  At Fairtrade, we are committed to achieving living wages for […]