Community-based healthcare for COVID response: option or necessity?

When COVID-19 hit a population of 170 million in Bangladesh, the consequences undoubtedly seemed grim. As of 11 March 2021, there are almost 600,000 confirmed cases of infection and 8,489 deaths. Yet transmission control remains a challenge and cases remain underreported, mainly due to the following three factors: (i) Lack of awareness and COVID-19-compliant behaviour: Afzal, […]

Collaborating beyond COVID-19: How Business Can Go Beyond the Bottom Line

In our current times, the balance between profit and purpose has never been more tested than during the current global health crisis which we presently face. As much as the pandemic has affected communities, cultures and countries across the world, it has impacted people on a personal level and shifted the perspective on international cooperation, […]

Rudderless COVID recovery: We need a real road map from somebody

As the days get longer in the Northern Hemisphere, hope for global control of COVID-19 seems both nearer and more elusive. The U.S. and UK have vaccinated more than half of their populations and begun to re-open their economies. The rest of Europe is catching up. The East Asian economic powers are also doing well, though there has been worrisome news from Osaka, Japan’s second […]

Business and COVID-19 One Year On

COVID-19 has impacted us all, but the most severe impacts are being felt by the most vulnerable people. On March 12 2020, Business Fights Poverty launched a programme to accelerate global learning and local action to support the most vulnerable people and enterprises in companies’ value chains, communities and beyond. We started by developing a Response Framework with […]


PROFILE Ute Stephan is Professor of Entrepreneurship at King’s College London, Visiting Professor (Organizational Psychology) at TU Dresden, Germany, Honorary Professor at Aston Business School and at UCL, and a Fellow of the International Association of Applied Psychology.  WHAT THIS SESSION COVERS In this session Professor Ute Stephan talks about her research project on Entrepreneurship […]

Why some companies leapt to support the COVID-19 response

Many companies acted to assist the public response to the pandemic. Companies that already had established relationships with community organizations, governments, business partners, or others, leveraged those connections to channel resources. High risk and poor coordination impeded many companies’ early response. The first phase of the COVID-19 crisis posed an unprecedented challenge for the private […]

Protecting the Most Vulnerable: A Business Response Framework

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is creating the worst humanitarian and economic crisis in a generation, threatening the lives, livelihoods and learning of people around the world. Government leadership is crucial, but companies and civil society organizations also have a vital role in working together to respond to the immediate crisis and develop plans for […]