Amplifying Social Impact Through Business

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Kasapo Manda :
“”It’s important for investors to consider the bottom line. However, that singular approach can lead to a very short term focus. In this world, this very dynamic environment that we work in, that can be very dangerous for business.””
Cemre Ulker:
“”We need a fundamental shift in commitments in financing and action to better evaluate our current challenges for sustainable development and peace.””
Uzoma Dozie:
“”We need to be able to include the metrics of social development into our business models, right down to the small business level.””
Cemre Ulker:
“”We cannot opt out or prioritise one particular development agenda over the other. All the SDGs are designed to work cohesively. and all the goals are interdependent on one another.””
Barbara Rambousek:
“”The business case is pretty compelling. If employers only access half the talent pool, they only have half the opportunity.””
Barbara Rambousek:
““If you look at the SDGs, also ESG investment, very often it turns into some sort of tick box exercise. It’s all about this indicator and that indicator.””

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